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Louise has been teaching singing, vocal coaching, delivering workshops, coaching performers in performing arts, performance techniques and stage craft for many years. With plenty of experience, knowledge and training in performance, the voice, vocal production and performance studies, Louise can offer a tutoring programme tailored to each individual student, giving them the coaching they need to develop their skills and push themselves further. Louise develops an understanding of the students particular goals and aims from the very beginning. Louise works with both singers and actors and has students regularly go on to be successful in their drama school auditions, become successful performers, and others work in professional UK company tours. Sessions are suitable for ages 5+.

Louise has a degree in Performing Arts and Vocal Studies. The degree trained Louise as both a performer and a teacher with an in depth understanding of the voice and techniques at the level of professional vocalists.

Louise has taught in several performing arts and music academies/organisations as a Vocal Coach and Music Director. She is also lead vocal coach on a record label.

Louise’s one to one vocal lessons are a blend of many techniques and exercises that she has learnt and discovered throughout many years of training and research. Louise has developed her teaching to a high standard and is confident in the work that she does, in one to one and group/workshop settings.

Louise has public liability insurance and a full, up to date DBS check. She is a member of the British Voice Association and Association of Singing Teachers.

Please contact for further information.

Alongside performing and private vocal sessions, Louise has her own music and performing arts academy, LCA Stage Academy. Louise set up LCA for aspiring performers aged 3-18 with a passion for music and performing arts. The academy provides a range of performance classes and workshops in singing, acting and dancing. Setting up a music and performing arts academy is something that Louise has always wanted to do. LCA is designed to train aspiring performers at a high level to help them to reach their full potential. With Louise’s high quality training, years of experience and an enthusiasm for teaching, she aims to encourage performers to gain confidence in a creative space with plenty of performance aims and opportunities.

For more information, please visit: www.lca-stage.com

If you would like more information about vocal coaching or voice workshops, please email: louiseparsonsvocalcoaching@outlook.com or info@LCA-stage.com for information about LCA Stage Academy.


Coaching testimonials:

“I was taught singing for over a year by Louise and over that time we further built our friendship and she was and still is so supportive of everything I accomplish regarding singing/ musical theatre. My first lesson was very scary and I suffered from low self confidence and struggled to even sing basic things; after that first lesson Louise made me realise just how much I had achieved and that I would only continue to improve. What I particularly loved with Louise, that no other teacher had done was learn about the very important side to singing; breathing and learning about how the voice worked was so important and the more I learnt about how I should be using my voice, the more natural it became and sometimes I didn’t even need to apply it, it just happened. It was times like this that the level of teaching really became clear. Although we didn’t do this studying every lesson, the balance between singing and analyzing was just right. I really loved my time with Louise and we had so much fun and our friendship still continues to stay strong, and I would recommend her to many people.” – Louise, 16

“I would definitely recommend Louise as a singing teacher because she’s helped my singing progress in so many ways! I am much more confident after having lessons and my voice got stronger every lesson! The techniques were brilliant and I don’t do any singing now without warning up properly first!” – Charlotte, 18

“Louise helped me not only with singing techniques, but with understanding my own voice, where its potential lead and where its limits were. With Louise’s help I was able to sing confidently and in a way the comfortably suited my voice. She encouraged me to be the performer I am today.” – Jay, 20 

“Louise is a brilliant teacher and really inspired me and gave me a lot of technical support that’s improved my confidence performing!” – Frank, 17

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