Christmas Carol: The Musical

Well, this week has been incredible! I have been in a production of ‘A Christmas Carol’ as the Ghost of Christmas Past… And I LOVED every single second of it! The music, the script, story, cast, crew, scenery, audiences were all amazing and I feel truly blessed to have been involved in such a magical show! The story is so lovely and the music is beautifully written by Alan Menken, who wrote the music for my favourite Disney film, ‘Beauty And The Beast’!! So, with that and the fact that it’s all about Christmas, it was a very pretty and magical production – a pleasure to be a part of!

The whole experience has been one to remember and I am extremely proud of my friends and family who were also involved. Oh, the many laughs we had both onstage and offstage!! I’ll treasure the memories, always.

Also, a huge thank you to everybody who came along to support this show, it’s really appreciated!

I took SO many pictures but here are just a few snapshots of the musical-madness:










Although it’s sad that the show run has now ended, I am really looking forward to the next few weeks! It’s all going to be VERY musical, very Christmassy and very magical! I will be posting blogs about what I get up to… As always, there’s going to be lots of gigs, recording, writing and also many Christmas-related happenings taking place so I will be taking plenty of pictures!

Louise xx