BBC Radio Scotland, Chas and Dave, Fremlin Walk and gig news!

Our album is currently being played on radio stations all across the UK. This week we found out that ORFILA’s song ‘Be Mine’ was played on BBC Radio Scotland! You can hear it from about 44minutes via this link to iPlayer:

We played at Fremlin Walk in Maidstone last week as part of the Autumn Festival! We had a great time, we were even joined on stage by audience members for our last song!


We also caught up with Chas last week at ‘An Audience With Chas Hodges’. He’s such an inspiring guy with some amazing and interesting stories about his time in the music industry.


I then went to see Chas AND Dave play live in Tunbridge Wells a few days later. A lovely evening spent with Ryan and his dad.

Ryan played a gig last week so it was my turn to watch him take that a stage for this one. Him and his friend James (who plays guitar) put together a set of great songs; including Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For, Eleanor Rigby and Don’t Worry, Be Happy. I love hearing Ryan sing!


So on this week’s agenda: lots of filming, lots of rehearsing, lots of teaching, lots of recording and gigs… Lots of them too!

Have many many things to share about what I get up to. I have to be selective with what I include in my blog… So much happens in my little world, you’d be here for hours trying to read each post!!

But for now I’ll leave you with a link to ORFILA’s facebook page as we’ve got lots going on over there so please check it out!

ORFILA’s Official Facebook Page

Louise xx