Video Shoot, Studio Time, Radio Interviews and Youth Festival of Remembrance

It’s always a busy day for ORFILA. We can’t seem to sit still. Even when we do, we’re back to business 10 minutes later because we want to make sure we make the most out of all the opportunities coming our way.

Last week we had a video shoot (we’ll reveal the song it was for soon!), we were in the recording studio (again… all will be revealed soon!!) and we also went in to Academy FM for an interview and catch up with the lovely Craig Hayward and Wayne Conyers who have supported us since day one.

We then played at the Youth Festival of Remembrance where we were surrounded by all kinds of different performers and inspirational people. I have always had huge respect for everything revolving around Remembrance Day and anything to do with remembering those who died for us all those years ago. And even today. I feel like my perception of it all is slightly different this year. I watched Saving Private Ryan for the first time a few weeks ago. I had to attempt it twice as the first fifteen minutes were just so unbearable to watch. Then I managed to sit through the whole film a few days later. I know that wars are horrific, growing up I’ve heard stories and read books and poems etc, but I was so shocked when I was watching this reenactment of what really happened. I had no idea. My heart goes out to those who fought for us and lost their lives. And to those who survived too. I just can’t imagine how truly awful it must have been.

I am so grateful to those who fought for us, and still fight for us, to give us what we have today. Thank you and I hope you’re resting in peace in the knowledge that we are all here remembering you and everything that you did for us.

Louise xx