Supporting Albert Hammond

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Last night was one of the most amazing and memorable gigs I have ever been a part of. Supporting the incredible Albert Hammond with Orfila is something I will never, ever forget… just, wow! The stories he was telling us backstage and the way he was just so legendary yet so down to earth, are just some of the things that make him who he is. Amazing and inspiring.

Sharing the Gibraltar link was something we felt was unique and really did prove that it is such a small world! It turns out that our Granny’s brother played in a band with Albert when they were around 16!? And he remembered, so that was an interesting conversation as well! He was so supportive to all three of us and just told us to keep pursuing our dreams, never to give up and we’ll get to where we are supposed to be. That advice coming from someone so talented and experienced is something I’ll hold on to forever.

He started his set from the very beginning and it progressed like a story. From writing songs for people like Julio Iglesias, Dolly Parton, Neil Diamond and Whitney Houston, to how he used to just hang out and write songs with people like Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison… You know!!

Its hard to find the words to describe how I feel today after last night. I am so proud to say that the people performing on stage beside me were my very own brother and sister – love you guys. I am also so proud and still can’t quite believe that we can say we have shared the stage with Albert Hammond, who is such a music legend.

Here’s our set list that we asked him to sign. It’s something unique that we can treasure and we are going to frame it:


I will post some videos in the next few weeks so watch this space. Check out these links for updates and information:

Thank you to everyone who came along to support both us and Albert Hammond, we are so grateful! Thank you to everyone who made the evening possible. I will always treasure this amazing memory.

Louise xx