Supporting Beverley Craven


Supporting Beverley Craven was just brilliant! It is something that Matt, Abi and I will treasure forever.


We saw her perform live a few years ago and she was fantastic. The main reason we are so inspired by her music is because she writes such personal songs, with very meaningful messages. I love that all her songs are so relate-able for many different people, for many different reasons.

After we (‘Orfila’) had performed our set, we headed to our dressing room and we heard a knock at the door. As it opened, Beverley popped her head round and came in to say how much she enjoyed our set and that our harmonies were spot on…! When she left, we tried to be cool about it, but we just couldn’t believe that she had said such lovely things to us!! She is such an incredible musician/songwriter, she has won BRIT awards and toured all over the world inspiring so many people.  We also spoke to Beverley for a while after the show and she said such encouraging things to us about our music and to keep working hard at the things we love to do. She is so modest and kind and we we extremely lucky to have had such an incredible opportunity.

Here we are with Beverley after the show:

(Matt, Me, Beverley, Abi)


I’ve attached a clip of Beverley performing one of her most famous songs, Promise Me.


Louise xx