Music Monday: Safe Haven

Ok, so this week’s ‘Music Monday’ is dedicated to the soundtrack of feature film Safe Haven, and lots of other musical things!

I have discovered SO much new and brilliant music this week, but the soundtrack from Safe Haven is just incredible. I downloaded it from iTunes and every song is beautiful. I love how each track sounds so raw yet full at the same time. I’d recommend this to anybody who likes acoustic/country/folk music. Lots of guitar and plenty of banjo… And not to forget, tonnes of amazing harmonies!!


This week, I have also downloaded music by James Blunt, Kelleen, Kodaline and Rich Lown – all of which are just awesome!! Will be posting links to my twitter soon:

Just a little story (of one of my many Lou-moments!!): I was in Hollister and, as any normal person would, I got SO excited because Gavin Degraw’s song ‘Make A Move’ started playing. If you know me well, then you’ll know that I have admired Gavin DeGraw, his music and songwriting, since he started. He’s coming over from America in feb to play a show and I actually managed to get tickets – absolutely buzzing!! (Be sure to check back for a post-gavin-show-blog at the end of feb!!)

So…. Today…. as well as uni, teaching and band rehearsals, demo recording I also had an interview with a close friend who is writing for a magazine called ‘Her Campus’. All about ‘going that extra mile’ – really enjoyed it! I’ll be posting a link to the interview once it’s been published.


This picture is fresh from tonight’s Orfila rehearsal!! We decided to start recording demos of our new songs… Ooooo it’s all SO much fun!! I love recording.

As per usual, I’m keeping very busy running around all over the place but I’ll try to keep you as updated as possible! Best place for quick updates is probs the twitter-sphere!!

But for now, happy Monday!!

Louise xx