Today has brought back a couple of memories and thought I’d share them for today’s ‘Throwback Thursday’ post (which I’m going to try to do more often!)…

Before tonight’s rehearsal with Orfila, we went to dinner with a few friends that we were in ‘A Christmas Carol’ with back in December. It was very lovely to catch up and talk about projects that we all have coming up in 2014. As we were sitting there… Abi turned to me and said “Lou, isn’t that you singing?!??”… And… It was… The restaurant were playing my first album, ‘Piece of The Puzzle’, which was released in 2008…!!?! Time has flown by since I recorded my first album and so many incredible things have happened since then – 2014 is definitely going to be an exciting year… That’s all I can say right now!


‘Piece of the Puzzle’ has been mentioned a few times this week, so I thought I’d share a link to the spotify playlist too:

Spotlify Link – Piece of the Puzzle

Another ‘Throwback-Thursday’ moment was when we found this picture of me and Abi being little – just as close then as we are now! I remember she was such a cute little baby! Love her so much.


So……. Another VERY full day complete! I’m so used to being a full-time-busy-bee now. My days are 100% full of music/songwriting, being creative and completely getting into productive activities/projects that I have going on this year… And I wouldn’t have it any other way – I feel very lucky and extremely grateful to be able to spend my days doing all these awesome things!

Louise xx