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Birmingham: More studio-fun!!

So, Orfila were back in Birmingham last week to continue working on our album! We have nearly recorded all the tracks and its becoming even more exciting! We just want to say a big thank you to everyone involved, everyone who’s supporting us and everyone who’s making this possible in the first place – we are so so so grateful!!

As always, I took plenty of pictures, and have attached a few to this blog post:


Above: Orfila in the studio ready for the day ahead!


Above: Finding levels so I could record some guitar and vocals!


Above: Tom and Ben… (our Brum musician-friends) recording guitar parts and drums… which are sounding great!


Above: Abi recording piano and Matt dancing alongside!!

It’s all coming together now and won’t be long till it’s ready! More details will be announced after Christmas!

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Thank you!

Louise xx